On a Voyage with the Greats – 204 Days of Global Pilgrimage



I crossed the North Pacific with Vivekananda, I saw him watching that match factory in Japan with wide eyes admiring its progress. I followed him also on that Canadian Pacific train through the picturesque mountains of the Southwest Canada. I saw some vandals on the roads of Chicago, hooting and chasing him for his strange attire and he ran to save himself in the dark corner of the lane on that cold evening. I could feel the humiliation subjected to young Gandhi on that fateful never-ending train journey. I saw the frightened and shivering Gandhi on the platform of Pietermaritzburg on that chilly night after he was pushed out midway of his destination. I went into the narrow airless and noisy confinement of that U-boat submarine with Subhas, which was reeking with diesel fumes. Sitting in the conning tower of that submarine with Subhas I saw the minesweeper escorting our submarine in the Baltic waters, while the breathtakingly beautiful Norwegian fjords passed by. Crossing the war zone of the Atlantic and on the borders of the Indian Ocean on a stormy morning, I saw Subhas pitching out on a rubber dinghy clinging onto the webbings and moving onto another submarine. These are not scenes from any action movies. Believe me, it was the most exhilarating world tour for me, covering all the continents and oceans with the most fascinating people as my co-travelers. It’s your turn now to get into this thrilling roller-coaster experience.


Based in the scenic Nigerian town Lagos, Satyendra Singh hails from the Indian city Gorakhpur which is famous for its ancient glory and medieval mysticism. A mechanical engineering graduate from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (formerly University of Roorkee), he has a versatile industry experience and is an expert in the field of business excellence. Books being his most loved companions, he started reading all sorts of books at an early age. As years passed, he grew more and more passionate about history, especially the Indian struggle for freedom and the lives of great Indian freedom fighters. Biographies of great people and incidents of their lives always fascinated him and motivated him to share their inspirational life stories in his own words. He believes that connection with history enables us to develop a better understanding of the present and plan a better future. Therefore, different methods need to be adopted for communicating history and drawing the new generation’s interests toward it. It is this passion and belief which encouraged him to pen his first composition which will take you through the captivating voyages taken up by the three of the greatest icons of India.

You can connect with Satyendra @- satyens.1612@gmail.com


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