One With You: capturing beauty, power and past in poetry


One with you

Can you too feel the weight of something ravishing against your palms when you hold a book in your hands? The beauty of its journey, the power of its words, and the past behind the hands, that wrote it,

all of it coming together to become one with you.

About the author S.Sadhika

Sadhika Saravanan was born in 2003 in Delhi. She is a 17-year old art and literature enthusiast. As an artist and a poet, she has been creating magic on pages and canvases since her childhood. Literature and its magnificence have always fascinated her and she seeks her best company in books. Moreover, she wishes to see the world from a unique perspective, seeking beauty and power in everything she sees. Writing and self-publishing this debut book “One With You” is like a dream come true for this 17-year-old. So, take a look at how beautifully an artist can look at the world.


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