Only the Air Is for Free


About the book:

Serendipity has taken Rashid to the U.K., where due to his abundant talent, he becomes a famous cardiac surgeon. He is invited to his alma mater to deliver a keynote address at a conference. His past appears before him when he meets Poonam, whom he had an affair with in his younger days. It was Poonam’s father who had no small role in forcing him to migrate. Rashid’s sister had been employed in Poonam’s house as a cleaning lady and was exploited by Poonam’s father. Poonam is, however, married to Narinder, an industrialist, but is unhappy. She still loves Rashid, who is in a relationship with Mary. Both Rashid and Poonam meet and have to choose their paths….

About the book:

Dr. H N Bajaj is a medical professional who has a keen interest in writing, travelling, and photography. He is passionate about his garden and a firm believer in the adage, ‘if life is about excrement, plant a garden with it.’ He is invariably at work but manages to find time to squeeze in his interests, thanks to his supportive wife, indulgent children, and grandchild. Some of his work can be found on his blog,, This is his seventh book, including medical books.


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