Oru Kadha Sollatuma Sir ?



In this book you will be able to realize the sufferings of many of us and many of those who live with us are solvable with scientific help.

Mental illness is induced by an imbalance of biochemical molecules between nerve cells in the brain. Medicines change the fate of most people. The term “counselling” is misunderstood, even by doctors. So, there are plenty of people who lose their lives by trying to treat by yoga and meditation, rather than treated by a psychiatrist at an early stage.


Dr P. Anandhan studied, Bachelor of Medicine (MBBS) studied at Tanjore Medical College and psychological medicine Madras Medical College.

Since 2002, he has been in the mental health profession working in Chennai. Dr Anandan’s role in promoting awareness among the Tamil people all around the world – about the impact of Anxiety and chronic stress in the life of an individual and how to live a quality life by treating them scientifically – is very important.



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Anandhan P






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