Padgho: Bussokusekika – Sangrah


About the book:

“PADGHO” book is of Gujarati Poems based on another version of Japanese poetry literature called “Bussokusekika”.

After publication of Japanese Haiku, Tanka, Saijiki, Sedoka, Kanshi, Choka this is 7th version “Bussokusekika”. It is 6 line, total 38 syllables poem. The basic structure is 5-7-5-7-7-7 syllables. This book has in total such 140 poems.

It focuses on bitter reality of our society. The various linked emotional titles are fitted in “Bussokusekika” structure and poems are created on philosophy of greatest chapters of life that is love and romance. Its polite Hellos exchange between lovers. And also harsh sufferings after love break-up due to social systems. The agony of separation of lovers as usual. Love and separation is key of romantic rainbow of life. It also addresses the comic part of life helping fight the so called stress of 4 phases of life.

Lastly, the title “PADGHO” means echo… echos of generated during various periods life through relationship, events, etc.


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