Pamraat : Haiku Sangrah


About the Author:

‘ Parag ‘ an Electronics Engineer by qualification grew taller with his height of achievements in the Industrial world with years of experience at the helm of affairs for various companies. He then marched his journey further as Turnaround Expert and stepped up to score mettle in the corporate world of building companies from scratch. He was instrumental in treading his way and establishing footprints on the global platform. Year after year he kept raising his bar and reached peaks of corporate glamour. He became the root of growing business conglomerates and became the face of the company for reputed firms in Gandhi Nagar city of Gujarat state of India. Through his knowledge and expertise, he churned out loss-making enterprises into profit-making global entities. Along the path, he mentored budding entrepreneurs and helped them succeed. The Management Guru for nearly four decades has focused now on his passions. Spreading his ‘Powerful Sutras ‘of life through writing Poetry, Stories, Microfictions and beautiful couplets is bound to generate a new dimension in one’s life. His philosophy about sophisticated thinking and simple living will have a penchant for readers. Parag in English means Pollen which helps honey bees create sweet honey similarly he is filled with love and romance which will help many people to express their love and create sweet honey in life from his books. Parag has a ‘Midas touch’ of love within him. He is now turning everything on his way into love. He believes that Love and Romance is something which you cannot express in a standard way of saying I Love You but in different form and style. He is also a firm believer that Love and Romance keep you young forever and age becomes merely a number. His latest work *Pamraat * is a Gujarati Haiku book where you will find his different forms of romance.


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