Peace and Happiness


About Book:

Peace and Happiness contains philosophical thoughts of peace, harmony, love, and happiness. There are guidelines to help the readers for seeking positive thoughts and overcome the negative ones. This book teaches you to defeat depression and live a peaceful life; the importance of silence, saving time, being humorous, forgiving, understanding others, increase internal energy,

About Author:

Patel Jayantilal Sendhabhai is an engineer and has worked on projects in India and abroad. He has worked with people from over sixty nationalities, which helped him to imbibe different cultures and traditions. In his journey, he learned and practiced various meditation techniques, and therefore, wrote the book Peace and Happiness. After observing 7-16 percent suicide and accidental death rate and realizing how stress and the mental condition affects people negatively, he decided to publish this book to help others live their lives with peace and happiness. The author thanks everyone who has helped him in this mission and request people to read and understand his book. He can be contacted for any explanation and difficulties.

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Jayantilal Sendhabhai Patel








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