Poetic Ripples In the Sands Of Time


Having studied in European & English medium schools right through, and read many an English text, non-details and a whole lot of poetry books it has always been my desire to write some essays, prose or poetry. However with the continuous demand on my time both in my company as well as at home, this was for long pushed back deep into the recess of my mind’s wish list. Now well past seventy I have at long last found some time to try my hand at writing. An autobiography I tried, but decided against it lest someone file a case against me for defamation, since there was every likelihood it might reveal more than it can hide! So I turned to poetry, only to realise that writing pristine poetry with all its nuances, metres, rhymes et al was a herculean task. After some trials I therefore evolved my own genre of ‘narrative poetry’ much in the style of old minstrels who drummed and sang their ballads across towns and the rural countryside. Most of my poems are a little personal in nature to bring out the realism and consonance with a person’s life spread across several decades. Hope readers will find it interesting and provide them the atmosphere and mental solace, to themselves fondly remember various happy events in their life’s own past calendar. If some grammatical or syntax errors are noticed please do bear with them and note that they have been knowingly included so as to give some tang and life to the poem’s readability. So here goes – A very happy and pleasant reading!

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