Practical Guide to Spirituality: Unfolding Knowledge and Meditation


This book answers mainly points regarding whether there is a necessity of a physical Guru for a person for spiritual journey. Most of the people fall in the trap of fraud God men in the name of Diksha and then end up following fraudsters. Secondly book discusses the main points of how to do sadhna and the precautions to be taken. It also discusses the practical aspects of hallucinations and practical observations. It covers topics of Kundalini Yoga, Kriya yoga, Shakti sanchalini yoga, Meditation and step by step of how to do these Yoga meditations. Author has given one topic on creation of universe according to Trika Philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism. Very valuable information and guidance is given in the book which normally one does not find in one place in the materials available. The book is must to have collection on spiritual knowledge and busting of myths.

Book Author

Indar Raina






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