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“ProJus – India’s War Against Corruption” is the history of the contemporary India. History is an uninterrupted process in time and space. Periods of play is essential to appreciate historical changes. ProJus is a political drama, the real and unreal weave in and out making the reader guess, visualize, imagine and anticipate. Corruption has corroded the body fabric of the country, ready to fall apart and a vigilante group concludes a defective constitution, bureaucrat-politician-businessman nexus and inability to apply rule of law are the causes. The vigilantes force the government to resign, make way for a national government through a series of killings, their confessions on the media while masses wait with baited breath to usher a national government. The action is fast and over in 3 weeks.

The history of India is replete with invaders played a crucial role in creating a crucible of culturally diverse India. “India has always had a strange way with her conquerors. In defeat, she beckons them in, then slowly seduces, assimilates and transforms them.”

The story is about Ajay, a tough no nonsense ex-guerilla, has tragic romance with Priya, loneliness of a neglected wife, alcoholism, familial love the father showing the way to son, and the many fault lines in the idea called India. Thrilling, gripping and unputdownable based on stories we see, hear and empathize with. The action is fast and over in 3 weeks.

About the Author:

Devinder Sharma, after working with leading software companies, turned serial entrepreneur and now writes full time. Widely traveled, consulted as a life coach, he helps people transform their lives. He has successfully transitioned from writing professional scholarly papers to fiction and this is his eight books. He is an audiovisual, yoga and pranayama enthusiast and a mediator. Married, he lives in Bangalore


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