About the Book:

Random Musings is a maiden attempt of a collection of essays written in a unique, engaging manner. First time author Sunil Gudur attempts presenting his views, and opinions on subjects that have caught his fancy. Straddling a landscape that vacillates between his personal and professional experiences, Sunil’s choices of themes and subjects are drawn from everyday life. It could be as much as your instances as his. The title lives up to the contents of being random, yet at the same time is illustrative of a life experienced amid different environs, places, people, and cultures.

About the Author

Sunil Gudur, a first-time author, has with this maiden attempt fulfilled a promise made to himself—of writing a book. A corporate professional with over thirty-three years of varied experience across multiple industries, places, profiles, functions, and positions, Sunil has drawn inspiration partly from his professional experiences as well his penchant to scribble on subjects that catch his fancy from time to time

On a forced sabbatical (his words) and a pandemic that made home quarantine a compulsion, Sunil has plunged into the written word and world, utilizing the “free” time that otherwise was a luxury when the tie and suit ruled. In his corporate career, he has won accolades like the International Business award (aka Stevie Awards) for Corporate Turnaround Executive of the year to getting a mention in the Marquis World’s Who’s Who 2014 edition. Also, Sunil has freelanced in copywriting and corporate presentations and profiles. Interestingly, the final push for the book came from his family, friends, and well-wishers who, while appreciating his poems posted on his Facebook handle, were annoyed with his pussy footing on writing a book! Random Musings is the outcome of his self-made promise and the encouragement of his near and dear ones.


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