Rarari and His Mystical Voyages


About the Book:

When we were kids we had a lot of open space to play, to roam around in the open fields with clear skies above us. Our friends were not virtual. We were closely connected and that still binds us. Being from the hills, we had freshwater streams flowing in the neighbourhood, which happened to be our pools and spots for boat racing. Playing outside was a choice as well as a compulsion because we did not have screens like the kids today do?

But the present generation is unfortunate to miss out on these luxuries. We cannot create those open spaces for them, but we can try to do something to keep them away from substantial exposure to the screen. When we used to travel, buying comics were equally important as buying tickets. After completing our own comic, we use to exchange them with our siblings, friends or cousins. This habit of reading, sharing, learning and creating an environment to not be distracted has started fading as the present generation is getting increasingly savvy with gadgets

So, here is a tiny attempt to produce a story book for our younger generation.

About the author:

Deepti is a hilly girl, having grown up in the hilly town of Palampur (H.P). She graduated from MCMDAV College, Chandigarh. After completing her post-graduate, she continues to enhance her professional skills. Deepti is a keen reader and loves to write fiction stories. She is married to a soldier and has two kids


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