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RudraMadhavi is a saga of love, wisdom, and valor. It narrates the struggle of characters inextricably intertwined with interspersed relations and fates of the protagonists lurching between their ultimate duties and enamored hearts. The story has a riveting plot and a compelling dramatic structure.Its characters are complex and reflective, with the depth of personality that is a sheer influence from the great epic of Mahabharat and the holy book, Geeta, as it does include those remarkable verses from Geeta that leave a great impact on all generations as well as depict their actions controlled by their imbalanced life instincts. The core event of the story is the constant conflict between the demigod and the ruffian representing good vs evil respectively. RudraMadhavi contains interesting lore and legends of the classical Hindu Tradition with mention of different practices followed during special occasions and festivals, and supreme Gods worshipped in Hindu culture and their ultimate powers that empower the humans to stand with confidence against all the odds.It constantly emphasizes the codes of law – moral, ethical, and natural. One of the most eminent features of RudraMadhavi is its wonderful richness of episode and detail, of characters and settings, the beauty of which is enhanced by the vivid illustrations it has.

About the Author:

Monica Sanadhay is an author, a poetess and a storyteller. She has been writing ever since she was in college by creating short stories and writing poems of love and life. She has been an RJ, a lawyer, and now is a literature teacher who continues to spend her leisure in reading and writing. Through her writing, she wants to quench the thirst of readers looking for vivid imagery and extensive descriptions of both the characters and settings. RudraMadhavi is a mythological fiction inspired by the stories of the great epic of Mahabharat and teachings of BhagvadGeeta, hence a dear creation of hers. She has published a volume of poems ‘The Divine Love’ that defines love free from the stereotypical definition of love and sacrifice and a concrete link connecting its meaning deeper to an emotion, a strong attraction and personal attachment in the detachment that encompasses the entire gamut of the beautiful feeling.

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