Saagamal Vaala Valimuraigal (Tamil)


About the Book:

Dr. K. C. Selvam was born in a village, studied with interest and joined IIT Chennai at an early age. He has elaborated on the various experiences of his life and has detailed how everyone should live in life. A mother has instinctively given the most elegant advice on how to look after and raise her child. Like this mother the author took special care about younger generation by giving lot of ideas for living long.

He explains how to live in every stage of life. Birth, education, work, marriage, wealth, long life are all overwhelmed by super ideas. It is certain that everyone who reads this book with confidence will enjoy a long life as the author wishes, especially the younger generation.

About the Author:

Dr.K.C.Selvam was born on 2nd April 1968 in Krishnagiri district of Tamil nadu state, India. He obtained diploma degree from Government Polytechnic College, Krishnagiri in the year 1986 and A.M.I.E.T.E degree from the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers, New Delhi in the year 1994. He joined Indian Institute of Technology Madras in the year 1987 as an apprentice trainee. He is doing research and development work from last 30 years and has published more than 34 research papers in various national and international journals. He got best paper award by IETE in the year 1996. He got students journal award of IETE in the year 2017. He received honorary Ph.D degree from the University of Swahili, Republic of Panama in the year 2020. At present he is working as a scientific staff in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India.

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K.C. Selvam








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