Saigon – Pondy: The Heritage Cookbook


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My name is Daniel Marinadin and I am of Indian origin from Pondicherry (French India). My maternal grandparents immigrated to Hai Phong, North Vietnam during World War I. My mother and myself were born in Haiphong, Tonkin. We returned to Pondicherry, India, in 1954, unfortunately after the French War.

From a young age I was very much interested towards Vietnamese cuisine, which I learned from my parents. I was a regular visitor to Vietnam and I wanted to share with others what I have seen, prepared and tasted of all the cuisines of the Indochina region. The Vietnamese is the most indigenous trade between India and China (Indochina) touched Vietnamese culinary evolution. This cuisine remains at once delicate, complex, and sophisticated with chinese ingredients, Indian spices, and French finesse, of presentation and serving, a legacy from France.

The specialty of this cuisine is the style of cooking characterized by distinctive ingredients used mainly for seasoning; these include fresh mint, basil, coriander, chilies, garlic, ginger, lemon grass, sugar, lemon juice, vinegar and the most important seasoning is Nuoc mam – the famous fish sauce. To conclude, there are many similarities between dishes of Pondicherry and Vietnam which share the same picture (Pondy–Indochina) of cultural heritage. Vietnamese cuisine is the link that unities all Pondicherian’s of Indo-China.

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