Sangharsh: Vyakti Ke Aarambh Se Ant Ki Ore


About the Book

There is only one story in this book, which is based on a person or not; it depends on the reader. Every person has a thought in their mind, and some people put words through books. If you read this book with all your heart, you will get the courage to move forward from every point of view. Every person is on his path of duty; sometimes he is desperate, sometimes he achieves success, but what he has gained or lost depends on his thinking — to what extent he was positive or not. Sometimes a desperate person can provide at least a small bit of hope, and something similar has happened in this person’s life.

About the Author

My name is Rajendra Deshmukh. Years ago, I was very fond of writing and wrote many stories which were unfortunately destroyed. Today, I am presenting this story, which is left, to you through this book.

Book Author

Rajendra Deshmukh








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