About the Book:

“Fight with him for the preservation of benevolence, not for the fulfilment of vengeance.” There was a scribble, a scratch, once. Three centuries ago, in a world where a country named Eximius existed, filled with these people called Adroits, a power infused artefact was created, and this began lineage of heirs, that led to the story of Valens Fields. A girl who was pulled through the boundaries of two worlds, and faced with a magical, mystical adventure, leading to death, destruction, and power. All the while, the mystery of the segregated worlds and her true home, loomed over her. It is a tale which was left in the middle, hanging. And it is a tale which Valens was expected to complete. A tale infused with the enticement of power, and the value of blood and love. In the end, it was all about blood. Her blood. It was all about a choice she would have to make — which blood, and which power: that of love, or that of strength.

About the Author:

Navya Sharma started writing Scratch when she was 14, taking two years to complete it, and has a blinding passion that she believes, ironically enough, is a clear window to the world: books. She aims to serve her readers with the right cup of emotions through every sentence that she writes. Navya makes her debut with Scratch

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Navya Sharma








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