Selected Songs of Tagore


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When Tagore was a boy, on an overcast day at noon, he lay prone on a bed in a corner room in their family’s home at Jorasanko, and wrote a line in his slate – Gahana Kusuma Kunja Majhe. And with that line, the prodigious boy set out on a path that would eventually bring him the Nobel Prize for Literature, the first to an Asian. Kobiguru – as Tagore is reverentially called by the Bengalis – was a polymath with a staggering body of work. He composed songs, wrote poetry, plays, dance-dramas, short stories, novels, essays, and even took up painting later in his life. His songs that number over 2200, seem to span every conceivable human emotion. This selection features a hundred and eight songs of Tagore, selected by the translator, including some of the most popular ones such as Mamo Chitte, and Jodi Tor Daak Shune Keu.

About the Author:

Entrepreneur, analytics professional, teacher at various management institutes, and consultant – Soumyadip Pal wears many hats professionally. As a Bengali who grew up largely outside Bengal, his earliest memories of Rabindrasangeet are of listening to audio cassettes of Taasher Desh, and of his grandmother singing Aamar Raat Pohalo, whenever the topic of Rabindrasangeet came up. He admired the volumes of Rabindra Rachanaboli on the bookshelf at home, but does not remember picking them up for the first two decades of his life. His interests include fine writing instruments (he drafted these translations by hand), and reading about the history of India. He finds the mountains very inspiring and travels to the Himalayas as frequently as he can. He lives in New Delhi. To know more about him, visit

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