Sri Ram Katha



About the book:

Most of the content of the present book is taken from Balmiki Ramayana, however, unnatural, impossible and illogical parts have been discarded. In this way, this composition is not a supernatural magical story OR fiction, but a book based on pure historical background. Along with this, the facts obtained from the hymns of the Upanishads and ethics and logical and useful articles and lectures of various Aryan scholars have also been given on some places.

Lord Rama of this book is not the incarnation of any so-called mythical Vishnu, but is the joy enhancer, and Maryada Purushottam (most dignified man) Shri Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj, an Oras Putra (legitimate / natural son) of king Dasaratha and queen Kaushalya. He is a pure historical great hero, ideal son, ideal disciple, Ideal brother, ideal husband, ideal friend, ideal woman savior and is revered as a subject affectionate ideal king.

Similarly, it has been proved by many footnotes that Hanuman ji, Sugriva and Angad, Jamwant, Jatayu, Sampati and Garun Vaidya are also not the wild monkeys, bears and birds, but they are all great men with special qualities. In short, this book is a wonderful amalgamation of creation, history, spirituality, ethics, knowledge and science.

About the Author:

Hari Dutt Sharma was born on 1st April 1958 in a village named Fatehpur Bishnoi, Distt –Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh in a poor Brahmin family. His father, Shri Bankey Lal Sharma was a priest and his mother Smt. Leelawati was a house wife. He had faced many problems in completing his graduation due to poor economic conditions. .

Though he had been a science student, by virtue of being a Brahmin, he took great interest in Sanskrit


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