Station Undetermined


About the Book:

Imagine being on a train, not able to get off, not knowing what station you boarded, yet every carriage ventured into, is a new experience, but as you leave the carriage, the door closes behind you making it impossible to go back leaving just a memory. No matter your wish it is impossible to return only proceed to the next carriage until it stops, at a station which is called “Station Undetermined”” and you are told it’s the end of the line for you and you are informed by the conductor another train will arrive soon which has one stop heaven!

This story is about such a train ride through life, which has more turns than a rail on a steep mountain, some carriages are fun some sad and others have a warning that life is not always as you think it is. Please enjoy the ride.

About the Author:

I have had an interesting train trip covering a life which taught lessons some a little late Graduated from University with a BA degree was smashed up in a car accident, developed a new industry, and flew around the World I do not know how many times, rubbed shoulders with diplomats, Prime Ministers and in a weekend it was all gone. Married to a beautiful Japanese lady who has stood by me for good and bad. We have twin daughters both going to university so it has been one hell of a trip which I do hope some lessons I learnt can help others while still on the train to avoid the mistakes I made.



Book Author

Nick Newton






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