Supernatural Incidents: short stories based on real incidents



This book contains the stories of special class – known as supernatural, paranormal, occult – based on the real experiences of people from North Karnataka, India. This book creates a mind-blowing and thrilling experience to the readers, as these events are unusual and unplanned, that occurred at a certain point in time and remained in their heart forever.

The stories in this book cover the incidents of various types like sensing the past, present (remote viewing) & future happenings, apparitions or ghostly encounters and paranormal behaviors. This book is not just about the stories, It covers peoples’ thoughts, opinions, beliefs and relate these stories to our knowledge of science aspects, spiritual aspects to gain more insights into the matter.

The book also contains write-ups on the topics such as: astrology as it predicts something before happening, hypnosis as it is about an altered state of consciousness that has phenomenal effect on the mind and black magic art as it is believed to be supernatural power that affects physical, mental and emotional state of human beings.

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