About the Book:

Who is he? Why has he chosen a second profession? Where has he come from? What does he know about the shocking truths that have been hidden till now? From a deceptively calm beginning in a newly independent India, a country gifted with some of the best nuclear scientists, ambitious to build its own supersonic jet fighter, to an unimaginable conclusion in a globalized and dangerous twenty-first century world, this novel tells the story of how one man becomes enmeshed in events far bigger than him, as politics and technology entwine fatefully to shape history and his life. Based on fact, as enticing as legend, infused with all the suspense and style of classic spy fiction, here is a novel that rips the covers off what really happened in the most important decades of independent India’s history. Written as a thriller, but with meticulous research and scholarship, a fascinating picture emerges of an entire world changing at speeds never before imagined. If you like page-turning action, globetrotting thrills, perfectly paced suspense, money and amorality, the fascination of real history, or the glamour of fighter aircraft and flying, Supersonic is for you.

About the author:

Murali Murti was born into a railway family and lived and travelled extensively across India and overseas. He discovered a love for books, especially of the classic spy and thriller genres, during the long train journeys and bookshops and libraries of his youth. He was fascinated by science and technology from an early age and developed an interest in their impact on history during a long career in the software industry that embedded him in diverse places and cultures. He rediscovered writing during a later stint as a professor of management and decided to write his first novel after submitting his doctoral thesis.


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