Tale of the Lonely Asian Kid


About the Book

In this rebellious world of digitalisation, children learn values at their own pace and perceive life with a different outlook. They have their world, struggling with right and wrong choices. Tale of the Lonely Asian Kid will lead you to the life of Krish, the only child of an NRI family in Europe. Krish has a different perspective of life. His only motive is to enjoy and play video games. Parents want him to be responsible and perfect, which is weird from his point of view. When you see the world through Krish’s eyes, it will bring a smile to your face. Despite being the center of attention at home, he finds his way of enjoyment but often lands in trouble. This family decided to go to Greece on summer vacation. His parents plan the trip meticulously and trust their son to be equally participative. However, the book is written from the perspective of a teenage boy who wants to be out of the house and wishes to be overlooked sometimes. Let’s have fun with Krish.

About the Author

Chitra Arora has a Ph.D. in management from an esteemed university in India. She has diverse experience in academics and research. She has published papers in national and international journals and has presented her papers in various conferences. After moving to Europe, she joined the corporate world as an internal auditor. Though surrounded with numbers and data, she decided to nurture her creativity in bringing smiles to the faces of children through book writing. This is her first book inspired by her son’s diary. Her ambition is to encourage young readers towards reading habits, as books enlighten thoughts and connect them to the outside world.


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