Tathagat Buddha


TATHAGAT BUDDHA is a Hindi running poetry depicting life and teachings of Lord Buddha who was born as the Prince of Kapilvastu in great Shakya dynasty and is also known as Siddhartha, Mahabodhi, Bodhisatva, Shakya Muni, Gautam Buddha & Tathagat. There are many ballads, legends & folk tales associated with him and some of them have been incorporated in this book. Divine messages had come to his mother Maharani Maya that he was born to be a great King or a great Saint. His father King Shuddodhan wanted him to be a great king and married him to a beautiful princess Yashodhara. But certain observances in life made him ascetic. He concentrated in search of truth and path to emancipation i.e; Nirvana. After seven years he got the light while meditating under a Banyan Tree near Gaya in Bihar. He continued his teachings till his death & established a religion called Buddhism which was adopted by entire south-east Asia.

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