Thadayangal Thoonguvadhillai


About the book:

This book was first published in 1998. The stories in this book are based on the principle that our subconscious mind records everything happening around us – what the eyes see, what the ears hear and what the nose smells. They are recalled in our dreams, not as what they were, but in distorted, ridiculous and absurd forms. They sometimes provide us solutions for the problems we face in our lives, provided they are interpreted in the right way. In fact the author first wanted to publish a book on dream analysis. But he feared that a book dealing with dry and hitherto unheard of theories might not get a good reception from the readers. So, he thought it best to introduce them in capsule form by way of detective stories. If the readers are interested in these theories, they could very well read the books published subsequently by the author through BUUKS, a reputed publisher, with the titles ‘Kanavugal Thirakkum kadhavugal’ and ‘Mazhaliar Mana valarchi’, both in Tamil. The first one literally means ‘The opportunities provided by dreams’ and the second one deals with the intellectual development of children.

About the author:

Having served in the Education Department of Tamilnadu for more than thirty-five years, and being a voracious reader of books on psychology, and also with the experience of dealing with teachers and the taught, he felt qualified enough to write many books. He has already published a dozen books. He believes that a book, in addition to be an entertainer, should also teach something useful to the reader.


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