The Architectural Legacy of Dharmaraja Ratha : The Stand Point from Work Room


About the Book:

For the first time, Mamallapuram, Dharmaraja Ratha is vividly discussed by the hereditary practising architect and a qualified researcher from the science and technological angle, thereby never been viewed before. Sincere efforts have been applied to reveal the legacies of Dharmaraja Ratha. For delivering this book, the historically significant structures have been visited by the author and explained in an analytical and deductive method. Viewing the Dharmaraja Ratha through the eyes of science and technology as prescribed in the ancient literary texts, desires and effects of the Pallava monarchy in showing the unfettered love for art and architecture and discovering the founder of Dharmaraja Ratha through the Sthapati’s technological angle were explained in this book. It is indeed as a musician elucidating the musical structure and fluidity by singing with his tone from his studio.

About the Author:

Dr.K.Dakshinamoorthy PhD., 59, is the Sthapati in the Heritage Committee, constituted by the High court, for the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment Department, Government of Tamilnadu. He is the Managing Trustee in the Vastu Vedic Trust, founded by his Uncle and guru Dr V. Ganapati Sthapati. His father, Sthapati Sri. S.K. Achary was the Designer Sthapati of Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Kanyakumari. K.Dakshinamoorthy has designed many temples in India and countries such as the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New-Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Srilanka. He has presented many papers in architecture and sculpture, delivered lectures, and he has written a Tamil book ‘Uli Ezhutthukkal,’ released by the then Governor of Tamilnadu. His long desire was fulfilled with this book on Vatapikonda Narasimha Pallava’s Dharmaraja Ratha, bring out its legacies from an unseen angle, from his workroom, from where Dharmaraja Ratha and its intangible heritage has never been viewed before.

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