The Bhakti Yoga Elixir – A Spiritual and Therapeutic Guide to the Simplest and Easiest Yoga Forms


About the book:

The Bhakti Yoga Elixir is a compilation of the Amrit of the age old texts, brought together and presented here using proper scientific tools proving its eminent efficacy in helping the society to not only improve their holistic health but also get rid of the inevitable psychosomatic diseases and stress induced due to the present competitive work culture. This book helps one find the perfect balance between a happy and healthy life and prepares them to face the challenges and pressures presented in day to day life without any mental, physical, emotional or psychological burden.

About the author:

Dr. Manju Sharma comes from a very humble background. She initially pursued a B.Sc in Biology and an MA in economics. But her religious family background and the influence of her first ever guru and spiritual guide, Late Mr. V.S. Lowlekar; who was a renowned vedic researcher and astrologer; she was inevitably gravitated towards this boundless field of Yoga. Her thirst for knowledge in this field was further intensified by her Deeksha Guru, His Holiness Brahmleen Sankarcharya Sri Jayendra Saraswati Maharaj. This drove her strong will to pursue various degrees in the field of Yoga Science, starting from PGDiploma to MA then M.Phil in Yoga Science. Through her strong motivation and determination she also completed her PhD in a very colossal but seldom touched upon field of Yoga, The Bhakti Yoga.


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