The Blue Sky and Beyond


From the beginning of time, the sky aroused the curiosity of men. This book explains, in simple language, the mysteries of the sky and enables one to identify the important stars and the constellations of the sky. It explains the movement of morning stars and evening stars, the appearance of the comets, meteoric showers, etc.

Remember many comets were discovered not by astronomers alone, but by amateurs as well (and they were named after them). Ordinary people like the fisher folk in the sea and the caravan leaders of the deserts depended on the stars for their guidance during the night.

If this book keeps the teen-agers away from the glare of the cell-phone screen, on-line gambling and develops a taste for reading, the author will be amply rewarded.

About the author:

After serving in the Education Department of Tamil Nadu for about a period of thirty-five years, he started writing and has so far produced a dozen books, both in English and Tamil. Being a voracious reader, he has read so many books on psychology – especially educational psychology, astronomy and other subjects.

Astronomy being one of the subjects he studied at the college, he took up star-watching as a hobby. Needless to say, he entered a new world of mystery. He is only too happy to share his experience with others.


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