The Dali Massacre



Few people living in the small city of Dali could hope to live a life as luxurious as the one Ignatius Demascus lived in his lavish mansion with his daughter Brie. But none could ever imagine the dark depths of the relationship they shared despite of having all the money and fame in the world. Life only gets worse for poor Brie when one fine day she wakes up to a text bearing a hefty ransom which would protect her dignity from getting out in the world. Paying it would be easy enough with her father’s money, but price of her father’s wrath was far more expensive to bear… And far too painful.

As she struggles with that dilemma, the city starts getting overwhelmed by headless bodies popping up like ads on a sketchy website.

About the Author

Hi, my name is Janeet Singh Duggal. I was born in 2000 and have always been fond of telling stories ranging from love stories to downright creepy. When I recognised this passion of mine, I started a blog filled it with a handful of short stories in high school. Owing to the positive response, the courage to work on a big project like a full fledged novel was bound to come sooner than later. For me, it came at 17 years of age fresh out of high school and came to its fruition at 19 years, 2 years into college.

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Janeet Singh Duggal






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