The Dirty Philosophy



About Book:

C’mon! Stop acting like a voracious reader by looking at the backside of the book. You are not one. Will you please stop judging it by the price tag? Now that you’ve tilted the book and started reading its ass. Let me tell you what this book does. It talks about the forgotten shit in your life that is more significant in achieving success in your personal and work life. Now you started judging this book again for success philosophy. What if I tell you that it also talks about dicks, pussies, and asses? There you go! You tried to judge it again! This book is all about that jumping-on-to-conclusions mindset. It talks about how comfortable you are finding justifications of your impatience to open the first page and see its contents. This book talks about that ego boner you got when I called you no voracious reader. Stop fucking around its ass and start reading from the front. You don’t want to miss the Pumba joke, do you? It’s not a joke book, again. Fucking stop analyzing it by just a two-hundred-word blurb that my publisher insisted me to write. Fucker.

About Author:

Sasidhar Kareti is a passionate writer, as he calls him, a deep thinker, a word he tries to synonymize for overthinking, and a super fucking hero, as he claims to be. He believes in living an original life rather than a copycat – That’s what he tells people to hide his fear of competition. With that, living for his young adult years, he lost his hair but not his confidence. He saw his friends making millions but never gave a shit about it. Because, since the beginning, he has been trying to live in a fourth dimension. The dirty philosophy is quite a replica of his self-motivating voice in his head. He thinks a ton of shit when he wants to resurrect from his low times. If it helps you, grab some takeaways. Or else fuck off and giveaway this book.


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