The Freaky Cave: Lucy Clark Series 1


This book is entitled: “The Freaky Cave”. The Freaky Cave, tells a riveting story of three young girls who are students of a residential school. These young girls are selected by their professors to unravel a deep secret that lies near the school. With the help of their professors, the girls set out to find the truth. However, there is a possibility of finding themselves in grave danger in doing so. Will the main character Lucy and her friends be able to find out the truth? Can they even enter the cave and find out what is really happening there? Read the novella to find out what happens. “The Freaky Cave” appeals to young readers who are interested in reading mystery and adventure in school life. The Freaky Cave is suitable for the younger generation. The language is suitable and easy to understand, it will be an excellent read for the minds who look for an enigmatic reading time. The story has irresistible elements such as the fun among friendships, the secretive of the cave, the mysterious way of finding the truth and hard work.

Book Author

Chetana V Iyer








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