The Lockdown Diaries



About the Book

Year: 2020, Location: Your Home, Plot: The COVID-19 Pandemic, Lead Actor: You!

You are shut in a closed apartment, your job is threatened, and you cannot venture out, and so on. What’s in your mind? You are perplexed to find the grocery at your door with the delivery boy smiling at you, a far cry from when you used to beg him to deliver stuff home. You had been going about your job, meeting people, and talking to them eye to eye, but all of a sudden, your interactions are limited to screens. You have never cooked a meal for ages, and suddenly you realize that you have the culinary skills to do so. You know the value of a job and your earnings and have been looking for some insight into how to invest. Do you relate to some of these situations? We bet you do!

It’s all there for you in The Lockdown Diaries: A BUUKS Initiative. This anthology of 48 articles sprinkled with generous doses of positivity is exceptionally relatable and palatable. Written by both professional and newbie writers, this book promises to pique your interest with its diverse blend of enjoyable, inspiring, and compelling articles that ooze raw originality and cut across genres. It also promises to take you through a roller coaster of emotions from gratitude to hope to resilience to spirituality to you name it! The book is just the magic pill you need to steer away from the cynicism surrounding any situation of discomfort.

Take a look, and we bet you won’t put it down until the last word.

About the Author’s

The authors of the 48 articles are winners of the BUUKS Writing Contest launched during April–May 2020, at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The theme revolved around positivity during the lockdown. The authors belong to all walks of life, varying age groups, and diverse professions. BUUKS thanks and salutes each of the authors for the positivity that they bring to society.


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