The Perpetrator and Other Stories


About the Book

What do you expect to find when you reach into a quiver of stories? Each one you reach out for has its own purpose and narrative. The Perpetrator and Other Stories is one such collection of tales told from different points of view, be it a terrorist who learns the true meaning of freedom from a captive prostitute, or a middle-aged doctor who finds out that losing her sight has a peculiar impact beyond her physical existence, or an exquisitely beautiful bride who understands marital nuances through a piece of chocolate. This collection of stories takes you through the labyrinth of human emotions, and finally a deeper look into the resilient and wondrous spirit of human beings.

About the Author

Ishita Datta is a psychological counsellor and hypnotherapist (USA) practicing in Bangalore. She has twenty-seven years of experience working with NGOs, corporates, educational institutes, and psychiatric clinics. Her experience with the ever mysterious human psyche has been the chief source of inspiration for her short stories, along with some phenomena in our life that cannot be explained by logic.

Ishita believes that it is only love that makes this world exist.


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