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About the Book

Postcard Tales is a collection of twelve short stories, each transporting you to a different time, a different place and a different human experience. They lead you gently through the unpaved roads of a tiny village in Bihar; they hurry you down the bustling streets of Kolkata. They remind you of the little joys that you had forgotten all about; they make you ache for sorrows that you have never felt. Steeped in love and loss, pathos and empathy, these stories highlight themes and experiences that are unique and yet somehow, universal at the same time. The stories were originally written and published in Bengali as Postcard Golpo. Now for the first time ever, this bestselling collection comes to you in English.

About the Author

Raja Singho grew up in the small rail town of Bihar. He moved from place to place, led first by his father’s career, and then by his own. He spent most of his working years in the northern and southern states of India, where he met innumerable fascinating people and collected a treasure trove of tales. Once an advertising professional, Raja is now a storyteller by profession. He still travels from place to place, from country to country — but now, he’s never without his bag of tales.


I was generally impressed by the originality of most of the stories. I found the off-the-beaten-track India very appealing.

-John W Hood, film scholar, critic, translator

Reading Raja Singho’s stories is like waiting for the postman to arrive — the excitement of some secret to be revealed, even if it is about ourselves. In them we are returned to the cotton of a forgotten life.

-Sumana Roy, Author of ‘How I became a Tree’




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