The Rusted Mask


About the Book:

“Hold my fingers, and keep walking;

I will show you the different colors of love: sometimes it will be deep blue; sometimes, bright red; and yeah, at times, it can be dull gray, but have faith; I will try my best to show you all colors.”

He held her fingers and started walking, keeping his eyes closed and fist clenched, but why does he keep his fist clenched always? What’s inside the fist? A story of two souls who were traveling every day, silently, to meet someday, maybe in their next birth, and live their lives in a place they called “the stratosphere.”

About the Author:

Sunil Bajpai one evening met a man inside him whom he named Farhan. “Farhan” in Arabic means merry (happy). From that day, ink, pen, and paper became Farhan’s world. The Rusted Mask is his first creation and is very close to his heart.

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