The Settled Homeless


About the book:

Dr Theodor Rae, a member of the upper echelon of global academics, shares the story of his world. The saga is full of remarkable personalities, insightful observations, and intriguing viewpoints. It lifts the veil of myths, enveloping the extraordinary personae akin to Ted, and reveals the simple humans hidden underneath. Distancing these awe-inspiring characters with respect and reverence is proven a mistake, it being so easy for anybody to relate to their intrinsically simple weal and woe.

His solitary journey, through a series of premier institutions across lands and seas, often showered Ted with accolades and encomiums. Homeless and lonely since early childhood, the prodigious scholar was held by most as singularly successful on many counts. Nothing brought him a lasting sense of contentment. The eventful career kept Ted unaware of his insatiate cravings that, despite all his strengths and achievements, left his life without clear direction or purpose. He did not know why he was driven more by eventualities than his own unacknowledged desires.

Ted had never fully understood how much his heart yearned for affection and care in the warmth of a cosy home. He realised that only after Nelly came into his life, her love building the one for both to settle in.


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