The Talking Tree: Advi’s Short Stories -2



About the book

Generally children are fond of listening to the stories. But here is a kid who not only likes to listen to the stories but also writes the stories of her own. Vedanshi Yogesh Barapatre has already marked her presence as a short story writer in the world of literature. Her first short story collection ‘The Colourful Hat’ was published in the year 2019. Vedanshi (Advi) is daughter of Dr. Vaishali and Dr. Yogesh Baraptre. She is a student of Delhi Public School, Raipur studying in class three.

About the Author

Present book written by Vedanshi Yogesh Barapatre contains twenty five short stories. The book is a kaleidoscope of ideas blossomed from the innocent mind of a little girl. It is like a joy ride in the world of imagination. In her world of imagination human beings are there, animals are there, fairies are there, dinosaurs are there and with these amazing friends Advi has woven her fanciful stories. Her stories not only amuses us but are also packed with a moral advice at the end. After reading these stories no one can think that these stories are penned down by a small girl of eight years old. These stories are so perfect in form and well written that readers cannot stop from reading them in one stroke. The innocent world of children, their thought process, purity of their emotions and sense of goodness is clearly visible in her stories. The readers will definitely like this book. Hope this book will give a delightful reading experience to the readers.

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