The Way to Success Is Inward: Defining the other side of success


About the Book

Recent graduates, working and non-working professionals, and CEO’s are worried about success in the pandemic and post pandemic period. Success is an individual desire, everyone has their own definition of success and it is everlasting. In a journey of success an individual faces several challenges, some will quit due to incompetence to handle the situation and few will overcome to reach the destination. Many fall in the first category due to various reasons however, it is time to look within so that a person is well prepared for any challenges. Moreover, all man-made things come from within, understanding this fundamental aspect can change how one sees the problem. It is vital to make the journey of success joyful than to suffer and be joy only after reaching the destination.

About the Author

The author holds M.Eng in Technical Management and working as a Senior Consultant in Germany. He has more than 5 years of experience in Management Consultancy specialized in Strategic, Project and Supply Chain Management. Additionally he is an EMS Trainer, health coach, guide’s people to reduce weight, stay fit and healthy and is a yogi in making. Author lives in Mannheim, Germany, he is from Bagalkot, Karnataka located in the southern part of India and come from a farmer’s family. He likes to travel and explore different cultures.



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