The Wildflower


About Book:

It is a story about the friendship between Janaki and Ammu, a child severely disabled by polio. Nevertheless, in stark contrast to Janaki’s shy and self-conscious nature, this little girl, with her boundless optimism and vivacity for life, manages to stand out like a wildflower, nesting amidst a cluster of weeds.

Growing up in the coastal state of Kerala, adapting to the customs and rituals of a rigid but unassuming community. Janaki seems to be maturing through the pages of the book, both emotionally and spiritually. Grappling with the shackles imposed upon her, by her own beliefs and notions, she realises that, she is in fact, is more handicapped than her friend.

About Author:

Adoor Gopalakrishnan: World-Renowned Film director

The wildflower is effortlessly making its presence felt! Remarkably fresh, original, and full of insight, this debut work impressed me immensely.


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