Thrilling Three: And the Unrevealed Mystery

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About the Book:

When Thrilling Three and their cousins Daring Doubles are taken to a beautiful secret place by their Grandfather for their vacation. They discover something strange going on in the hills nearby where people call the place ‘ghostly and horrible’. What’s so horrible about that calm place? Though Thrilling Three and Daring Doubles aren’t allowed to visit that awful place they get driven by a story that kindled their curiosity but when they gave their first visit to the place, they were sorry and found themselves poking into something unwanted and gets into trouble.

What was wrong with that place? and why is it abandoned? Will they ever find the truth?

About the Author:

Harshini.B is a bubbly adventurist who flies at a higher imaginative altitude. As a prodigious young writer, she has penned over 30 short stories and poems when she was eight years old. Harshini had aced various writing competitions and won second place in a contest conducted by THE HINDU Newspaper in 2019. She is a regular practitioner of yoga and is a kung-fu greenbelt. Her hobbies include swimming, trekking and birds watching.

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Harshini B








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