Tijori : Shabdhoan Ki


About the Book

Writing poems is a meditation for me.

Every single word has immense value.

Letters of my poem stretch my heart to connect with yours. Tijori is the most precious thing for a woman and hence this brand new tijori is abundant with full of love, respect, questions, wait, indifference, affection, social evils, unconditional relations, and so many emotions. I look forward to bring more of such thoughts in future if I get ample love and support from my readers for my first attempt.

About the Author

Every thought which is written into words has a certain reach to people outside the world; and if the words of my poem touch even a single individual to think of the social evils prevailing in the society and brings about a change in him or her, then the writers job for that thought is done. And that is exactly what Ms Neha Singh is trying to portray through her very first poem book Tijori Shabdon Ki. Neha was born and raised in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. She had completed her degree in electronics and communication engineering. By profession, she is a math and reasoning aptitude teacher. She strongly believes that students’ success is everything for her. Neha considers self-reliance to be the most influential piece for each individual’s strength and Tijori Shabdon Ki is the very first poem book of hers.


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