Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder


About the Book Comprehensive, Elaborate and Exploratory avenues

There has been an exponential increase in cases of Autism in recent decades. The book is on Autism which has been subdivided into six parts. To achieve the aim of getting cured, the path of treatment has been worked out with care in the Introduction part of the book at the beginning. The book covers understanding of nervous system, explanatory meaning of autism, reasons behind Autism Spectrum Disorder, treatment and prophylaxis. Posology too has been mentioned with required information about most of the medicines that will be needed during treatment. The book will promote extensive research in the field of Dwarfishness, Insanity, ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder in all the disciplines of the medical world.

About the Author

Munindra Kumar, an alumni of Netarhat School sixth batch, being an enthusiast homoeopath has treated insane, dwarfish and autistic patients in quest of experimenting Hahnemannian homoeopathy. This book is the result of his hard work and love for homoeopathy. The book provides a ray of hope for insanes, dwarfish children and for children suffering from ASD. He is contributor of Wonder World of Mother Tinctures in Homeopathy and author of The Practice of Homoeopathy Medicine covering 322 remedies. He prolifically authors books on Homoeopathy with his own experiences. Success in prescribing gives him impetus to share his mastery to the world.


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