Tumi Ale Bole (Bengali)


About the author

Mr. P. Chaudhury hails from Cachar district of Assam- one of the north-eastern states of India. He was born on 1st April 1970. His childhood days and early life up to the age of graduation was in Assam. He went to West Bengal in the year 1996 for his post-graduation in engineering and stayed there for about four years in connection with a job subsequent to his study. Thereafter, he has switched over to new job in the field of construction and stationed in the southern part of India. His keen interest in the literary field has made him known to the intellectuals of the interactive Bengali and English web sites since 2016. To his credit, there are short stories, articles and essays published in little magazines, science journals and periodicals, etc. He is also in the editorial committee of two literary magazines which are being published locally. Tumi Ele Bole (As you’ve come) is the first collection of his Bengali poems.

About the book

The thing which follows a dream is a phenomenal one. What happens then? Birds sing in the mind, flowers blossom with numerous smells unknown; songs of river turn into laughter and so on and so forth.  But a life is not at all, free from ups and downs or sorrow and happiness. It goes on in a cyclic fashion. At times, saddened mind cries- even then, life continues with contradictions effecting evolution. In this process sometimes, the fun assumes its importance. A bold and straight-forward approach of an individual may also change into a very compassionate or nature-loving one. This is how the life continues its journey and it never follows a single rhyming scheme.  The course of the turbulent river of early part of life, on the hard ground of time, loses its speed and becomes a meandering one, on the flood plain. This happens without any notice and the life starts to follow a prose-like-fashion.

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Pallab Chaudhury








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