Turnaround Management


The Art of Accomplishing Exponential Growth in Profit and Business

About the Book

Turnaround Management is a business management practices vault comprising of seven significant focus points, equating crucial and vital human physiological analogy to important and indispensable functional roles of a business making. The vault has bundles of cashable learnings which will resemble vital human organs and their inevitable daily roles in the human body. If only a business owner/leader, strives towards understanding and applying all/any of the strategic tools discussed inside, just in case their organization is on the edge for a serious turnaround, demand for profits and better meaning to business life, it’s sure to support their endeavour.

The authors have together drawn the core potential and, mapped the intricacies, deployable strategies and futuristic habitual practices, purely to empower the travel from least to elevated returns for the business bringing in what’s called “Free Cash” in more than a desired percentage to double-up the efforts called for and dedicated. About 350+ companies, with 1500+ functional heads and almost 100000+ professional experts from 50+ effective learning platforms, have made it to their soaring performances. If you want to join this list, or wish to lead the future list of dashing performers, jump into reading this purposeful and dedicated learning material. A dream, towards making “no willing business enterprise should be left behind” in their positive growth-oriented performance.

About the Author

Dr P Meganathan is an engineer turned management expert encompassing thirty-four years of proven result-oriented professional leadership. An ardent lingual patron from Madurai City, hailing over thousand plus years of tradition, hospitality, heritage and legacy, brought up by a strong motherly love and guidance filled with sheer ethics, he struggled his way up in life for over six years, when he saw the ray of light, at the end of the tunnel.

He is a successful corporate professional, made with his learnings and early work life. He created his pathway to consulting as a profession, alongside his formal work assignment at 26 years, in a new place. He dons life roles with exuberance and commitment, to everyone who travelled along or beside or behind with a responsibility. Aiming high and stretching his limits to empower industry peers and make them achieve higher goals in life is his motto.

Growing up, the author was a child prodigy with exemplary achievements in creative and strategic business acumen. He represents India, perhaps as the only doctorate in Turnaround Management and is a notable leader in various organizations, including JCI India and few others.

Meganathan, dedicates his life to Devi, his partner, and to his kids Aparnaa and Arvind Pranav in role model parenting, both as a lovable leader, and a friend. Not to leave behind, he also passions his pathway leadership for the members of TAPAMS team as their managing director for over twenty five years now.

Dr P Meganathan

Instagram Id: @meganathanpandian

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-p-meganathan-phd-72ba1913/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mega41/

Website: https://www.tapams.com

Email: mega@tapams.com


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