“Don’t stop chasing dreams, because dreams do come true” Sachin Tendulkar

Dadi stop…What will Sachin think…for God’s sake we are in the middle of an interesting discussion.

I got up startled unable to contemplate where I was for a second and opened my eyes. I blinked as the morning rays of sun peeped through the window of my house and I heard the familiar sounds of chirping birds outside. Oh no…was it just a dream! I was disappointed. But it looked so very real. I sat still, soaking in the aftermath of my beautiful dream.

My wonderful dream, which took me to a magical world that was entirely my own.

There are millions of Sachin Tendulkar fans all over the world for whom meeting or even getting a glance of their idol once is a lifetime dream-like Siddharth. Will Siddharth get a chance to meet his hero? Will his dream ever come true?

UNBROKEN-Growing old with Sachin Tendulkar novel is an autobiographical account of the protagonist Siddharth Gowri’s journey as he grows up and pursues a path of upward mobility, while also at the same time harboring an obsession with the cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and hoping to meet him one day. For Siddharth, Sachin is not only a role model to look up to, but also a constant source of inspiration throughout his life.

An honest, sincere and believable story
By a diehard
Fan of Sachin Tendulkar


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