Uyya Ore Vazhi Udayavar Thiruvadi


One of the principal branches of Vedanta, a darshan of Indian philosophy. This school grew out of the Vaishnava (worship of the God Vishnu) movement prominent in South India from the 7th century on. This philosophy or spiritual concept of Vishishtadvaita was emerged in 7th century and during the era of Srimath Ramanujaacharyaa (i.e. from 10th century) Vishishtadvaita was flourished and continuing its conceptual base even today. Acharya Srimath Ramanujaacharyaa is the back bone behind the Vishishtadvaita philosophy. This book is predominantly narrating Sri Vaishnavism, Vishishitadvaitha, Aazhwars, Poorvacharyaas and complete charithamurtham & life teachings of Srimath Ramanujaacharyaa.


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