Vasai Paadum Vaathum, Vaanai Aalum Vallurum


About the Book

This book is not a biography or novel. Just a tale. A long tale, indeed!

This book is a fragment of the journey of a common man, Jeri, an imaginary character, who may resemble you or anyone of your friends or someone known to you, working in a corporate world, who is struggling for his growth even though he is working hard.

Jeri goes on this unique journey and along the way reveals the secrets and guidance he learns from his mentors to come out of the fear and failures, puts an emphasis on evaluation and to stay forward and inspired. During this journey, he revolutionizes many simple methods; approaches; and systematic, scientific, and spiritual practices to gear up the growth multifold.

In this book, working professionals and entrepreneurs may find their life similar to Jeri’s journey, which will help them –

Diagnose the factors stalling their growth, methods to break all the barriers, and realize their true potential

Comprehend the core misbelief about fear and how to live a courageous life

Understand the essentials of body-mind-life energy associations and how to exploit the potential of those real elements

Recognize the 8D lifecycle progression of actualizing whatever they want, that is, from Desires to Destiny

Explore 3A algorithm and Runway principle to gear up their growth

Know the method of Determination Contract to increase their strength to achieve their daily goals with effortless ease

To enable themselves with the systematic step-by-step action plans created by themselves to conquer their goal line and rise beyond the boundaries

This book offers a package of proven methodologies, tools, and techniques from psychology, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and yogic sciences, which would help them to keep a focus on growth and stay motivated.

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