Voice for the Voiceless


About the Book

Voice for the Voiceless is Dr. Olusegun Bamidele Abejide’s memoir to Nigerians that there is optimism for their democracy to blossom. Though crestfallen by the daily happenings in Nigeria, he is persuaded to think that the personalities he features in this book are central in strengthening the country‘s democracy. However, it is so unfortunate that the Nigerian citizenry rarely acknowledges them as campaigners of democracy. Determined to make an objective argument, he pointed out that Nigeria faces a myriad of challenges, like national security which is being threatened by terrorism and ethnic restiveness. Nigeria with a status of “Africa’s largest economy and most populous nation” is also mentioned to be staring at an economic downturn while its leadership seems clueless on how to revive it to spur economic development and alleviate extreme poverty.

About the author

Dr. Olusegun Bamidele Abejide was born in Nigeria on March 3, 1963. He had his first master’s degree in Criminal Justice (Homeland security and Counter-Terrorism) and the second master’s degree in Science of Law (Finance and Wealth Management) from Thomas Jefferson School of Law and presently pursuing his Ph.D. in Public Health. He has been honored with many awards: Peace Ambassador for Human rights, Goodwill Ambassador for Art, Peace and Humanity and Global Ambassador for Youth Development and Finance. Dr . Abejide is a prolific writer & activist, a Bible Scholar, Afro-optimist and Pan-Africanist to the core. An indefatigable Afro-optimist who always experiences sleepless nights over recent happenings and never-ending problems such as hunger, youth unemployment, insecurity, authoritarianism, bad governance and corruption in Nigeria and Africa at large.


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