Vyakti, Vyaktitva Aur Safalta


About the Book :

Everyone wants to be ‘successful’. But what is it? True success comes from within you, and never comes from the outside. Its seeds remain silent in your heart, and this book creates the conditions for the germination of these seeds. Success and personality both move side by side. A person succeeds when their personality develops, and personality develops when one begins to achieve success. An impressive personality is always the key to success. Personality development and success, both are within your grasp. The only difference is that you are not aware of this very fact which holds the key to success.

Always remember, an unsuccessful life is a curse while a successful and happy life is a boon. So, always try to be successful in whatever you do!

The author of this book has combined both personality development and the rules of success. He tries to convert the darkness of disappointment into a light leading towards a successful life. So, enlighten your path with your personality and do whatever you want to do in your life for the last several years.

About the Author :

Ravindra Prakash has learnt various aspects of life during his thirty-three years of tenure in banking. He studied law for his graduate degree and practised as a lawyer in local courts for some time. Disliking his work as an advocate, he joined a bank in 1983. He got his interest in Hindi literature and writing from his father who was the author of more than a hundred books on law. He voluntarily retired from the bank as a chief manager in 2016 to develop his interest in literature and writing. His main interest areas are exploring and writing articles, poems and ghazals. Many articles and poems of his have been published in newspapers and magazines. In 2018, his work was featured in a collection of poems titled Khwabon Ka Shajar.



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