Word Beyond Imagination “ALLEN”


About the Book:

Word Beyond Imagination – “Allen” is a fiction book, which shows deep philosophy of “love” for all living being and nature. The book explains how authentic love generates new possibility that turns ordinary person into extra ordinary, who have achieved all possible things, which they never even dreamt of. Author argues how we can change our thinking to address global issues like global warming and peace in earth, which can be tackled easily once we adopt the ancient knowledge. “Generating new possibility, and delivering to people in need, is a great service of Supreme Divine Power”. He hope this book will inspire peoples across the globe, whose destructive ideas have prevented them from achieving their dreams.

About the Author:

KRISHANKANT PRAJAPATI is a Mechanical Engineer and a globally certified professional in Enterprise Asset Management, with 15+ years of experience across multiple industries. He has closely worked with all continental people, and is currently working in a multinational company in Mumbai, India.

Book Author

Krishankant Prajapati








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